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It is our great pleasure to introduce Asia Adventure Excursions (P) Ltd and the variety of travel products and services that we offer in the Himalayan destinations-Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. With over 15 years of personal experience in serving the individual and group travelers, we have the expertise in all kinds of leisure and adventure tour operations in a completely safe and worry- free environment and at the most competitive prices.

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Peak Climbing Information

The threatening Mountain climbing in Nepal is legendary. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmand Hillary are the first two legends to ascend the hard-hitting Mt. Everest after the long neck breaking predetermination. These harsh mountains not only awarded people with the extreme panorama of peak climbing but also took many of the lives. The dramas of the success and failure have provided impetus to the thousands of daring people to this paradise of Himalayas. Nepal is the perfect place for the peak climbing. It is one and rare.

Asia Adventure Excursions feels auspicious to provide factual picture perfect information to the passionate adventurous trekking clients and makes precision arrangement of your adventurous journey to the final temptation of your destination. Trekking clients are our gods and to provide you with the perfect arrangement is our worship. It is our good fortune to provide our clients with perfect arrangement of trekking to the Himalayan paradise .Please feel comfort to write us about you requirements and we shall deliver you with concluded details.

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